Favourite Hoover Carpet Washer

These models belong to Hoover Power Scrub vertical carpet cleaner lineup, sharing the exact same layout and machine structure like motor electricity, water tank layout and capability, machine weight… Howeverthey have a little differences in the qualities and extra tools.

Hoover Power Scrub FH50150PC is the version with highest sale monitoring records. It’s by far the most common vertical carpet cleaner available on the market which leaves other manufacturers in dusting breeze supporting.

The Hoover FH50135: Power wash carpet cleaner is your fundamental one. This version doesn’t have water/rinse selector. Thus you have to drain the water tank then refill the water tank with fresh water for washing the carpeting. As it isn’t convenient compared using the Hoover FH50150 Deluxe unit, it isn’t accessible at the present time on Hoover website.

The Hoover FH50130: Turbo Scrub carpet washer is like the FH50135 mainly. The sole distinction is that the colour where Hoover FH50135 is reddish and Hoover FH50130 is gray.

The Hoover FH50150: Power wash Deluxe carpet cleaner is the deluxe version that because the water/rinse selector for washing the carpeting. Anyway, it’s more accessories along with other technology to provide a much better cleaning performance.

It’s possible to read complete reviews of Hoover FH50150 electricity wash Deluxe carpet cleaner .

From 2017, Hoover provides the upgraded version of Hoover FH50150 (Hoover FH50251PC Elite Power Scrub) that has more benefits. You can read the Complete overview of Hoover FH50251PC Elite Power Scrub here, and compare involving Hoover FH50150 vs. FH50251 here.

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